To enter, we must know how to knock the door!

how to knock the door

Conversation “Strategies of self-management” for ACAV at the Museum of Costa Rican Art, May 18, 2016

Living art has never been easy for anyone, we should not assume that artists who have achieved notoriety have done so easily. I can not calculate how many interviews I have heard or read in art magazines, newspapers, blogs, videos and podcasts, but I have come to the conclusion that they are always inspirational stories in which the same pattern prevails: initial inspiration and skill, Rejection imminent, insistence, education, production, more rejection, recognition from someone who modifies the vision of others, more production and finally, after many years, notoriety!

Somewhere I had read that what all great teachers have in common is education, it is an important part of this pattern; And what we conclude artists is that we all have the rejection and the antidote to rejection in common. That antidote has an immediate reaction base that is called self-esteem, when we know that what we do has value and must be shared, so we insist on knocking on doors until finally we can enter one, at the first!

But to enter … We have to know how to knock the door!

Unfortunately, no college or art school teaches self-management tools to artists, no more than a little introduction to basic marketing, if at all! Topics such as pricing the work, know how to locate it and how to manage spaces, where to start, how to manage production time and administration, what documentation is required to communicate with external entities in the art market … These are topics that are learned On the road, by trial and error.

The student is taught to love, intuit and live through art, but not to subsist through it. It is inherited a feeling of rejection before the commercialization of the art that causes that artists in the whole world can not live of its trade; They obtain a degree to practice in an area in which they are not prepared to compete, because they do not have bases of administration, of marketing, nor of basic publicity; They leave the classrooms with no tools to live on what they love.

Beyond the virtue of creating art, the artist must know how to move in the art market, learn the language of those who handle it, know the logistics of his company from the care and handling of his work to the treatment and communication with its collectors and Representatives through effective management, know the documentation of the work, orders, consignments and exhibitions as well as the artist himself, essential elements to open new avenues through technology to create a strong image of personal branding that make known The contemporary artist (the artist of this era).

Contemporary art, by itself, limits us as much as it frees us, has made the offer greater. Today there are more “artists” and more “art”, but there are also more markets, thanks to technological advances and new trends. There is an opportunity for all, the most traditional figurative artists as well as avant-garde and conceptualists alike, we have the opportunity to achieve notoriety if we use the right resources and handle the tools well.

Artistic creation must be devoid of any commercial notion, we can not think of money if we want to enter into the creative process! But once the production is done, locating the work is to locate the artist within a context that will allow him to savor success and dedicate himself to art. Is not this what we all want?

During three Thursdays in June and July I will give a webinar on this vast subject, it is an online seminar to guide those who enter this competitive world of art, which is not particularly fair, but with the right tools you can shorten the Path to recognition.

Nobody is discovered anymore! Today, the way is self-management and you have to be noticed!
About the Self-Management and Documentation Webinar

Artistic creation is an act of love. – Jeannina Blanco

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