The human figure as the basis of the pictorial work

The human figure as the basis of the pictorial work

The human body is beautiful and complex in all its physiognomy, facets, gestures and ages. Unfortunately, the standards of beauty away from that reality.
If we see isolated and enlarged images of an ear or an eye, or a knee, they will not look beautiful at all, but complex and full of information. We are programmed to see the beauty as a whole and educate us to define it according to the beauty canon of the time and geographical location in which we live.
If we were extraterrestrials we would like the aliens (imagining that they would have a different form from ours), Mother Nature has that order.

There is nothing wrong, unacceptable or morbid in the human body and Art itself is not morbid. The morbid is in the mind of the observer (some adults, children have no referent).
Art can be erotic. The drawings, paintings and erotic vessels of China, India and America (including Costa Rica) reveal that natural aspect of the human being. But not all naked in painting or sculpture is Erotic Art, sometimes it is simply Art!

It is important to reiterate that eroticism in art is only perceived by people with that referent.
Since all creation is divine (divinity: power or creative force, call God, Universe or chance, according to the belief of each), the human body is a divine creation. Those that we create through painting or sculpture, we have to study it to understand it and recreate it in the way we communicate, because we communicate through the form.

The class of September will be dedicated to this theme:
“The human figure as the basis for the pictorial work, naked with a model”
Tuesdays 2, 9, 23 and 30 September from 6 pm to 8 pm
Cost: 42,000 colones (includes models)

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