Paris and New Challenges

Paris and new challenges

From my first encounter with that wonderful, intense and unique city that is Paris, in an initial tour of all the museums I visited in 2000, I wanted from the bottom of my heart to return to painting and why not, to exhibit. That is why my happiness: That the birthplace of Impressionism where Monet and many French artists and other nationalities and times, who have inspired me and were adopted by her in its time, welcomed me as an artist, is for me one of the Greatest personal achievements! The advantage of knowing the city gave me tranquility to enjoy my pictorial activity, although having worn my equipment was much more tired, made fascinating the experience of “taking” the streets to paint; To me, that meant feeling it to the fullest! I returned to exhibit my work and to paint !!

The exhibition in the Louvre Carrousel was great, the interaction with artists and people of the artistic guild of many parts of the
World, as well as visits to other museums and the galleries found in various parts of the city were completely enriching. And it was really special to share with my colleague and compatriot Ileana Cubero the experience of personally representing our country in a exhibition so well received, where the most outstanding galleries are presented worldwide. I consider it a real honor on the part of the director of the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, María Elena Beneito, to have invited me to participate and the Ministry of Culture and Youth consider it an artistic representation of great value.

With my card of the International Association of Plastic Artists that I obtained through ACAV, the police authorities recognized me as a professional artist and allowed me to paint where I wanted, and the card allowed me to enjoy free admission to the museums. A very special distinction!

Painting in Plein Air in Paris had different nuances, the light is very dim at the end of spring, cloudy with rain and the cold wind that froze my hands at sunset, although it warmed at the end of the month, the temperature was mostly extreme still in Short sessions. But that is part of the life full of life! The only thing I regret is not having been able to please my students to paint a night of the Eiffel Tower on site, the sunset was already late at 10 p.m., I would change it for wine and cheese, Jajaa! And by the company of dear friends who made my stay a wonderful experience.

Well, now that I am loaded with so much energy I am ready to continue with my great exhibition project that I have been working with models since last year and to make another new one inspired in Paris, of course!

Artistic creation is an act of love. – Jeannina Blanco

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