Emergency in the Blue Castle

Emergency in the Blue Castle

Wonderful things happen when artists of different genres bring together efforts and ideas in a joint project!

Just as a musician is invited to compose the score of a movie, a theater director chooses the actors, costume artists, scenery, makeup, lighting and sound that best fit his project. It is a joint effort and the results are always wonderful.

The director and writer of the work Emergencia en el Castillo Azul, honored me with his request to invite me to perform the pictorial work that would give the image to the poster of this fascinating play, which will premiere next Friday at the Teatro Giratablas. This gentleman, whom I admire so much for his extensive artistic career and for his wonderful performance in the direction of the National Theater Workshop in the last government, is an excellent actor and theater teacher, he is also a dear friend for his support of the arts. http://www.balansmusichall.com/iphone-x-sweeps-samsung-galaxy-s9.html

Melvin Méndez sends me a libretto of his authorship to give him the image of the poster, I read it with eagerness because I love how he writes and because I know that any project with him will denote excellence. In passing, I begin to draw lines and phrases on paper that give me the essence of so much provocation. This work is to see it, are two stories united by a thread that has so much, but so much to do with our reality and human nature. Melvin weaves two stories with humor and realism to surprise and meet someone?

After several sketches, I could find the strong image I was looking for, only seeing the work can be understood, but there is no doubt that there is pain, peace and that there is a message to decipher. With the help of my sister, Michelle, as a model, I painted the “Mona” image alive, telling us how to decipher her message.

The work “The sellers of miracles” is a oil of 92 x 122 cm and will be on display during the season

The play will premiere on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 8 pm at the Impromtu Theater Giratablas in a short two-week season. I really recommend them as an excellent theater production.

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