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Aster and Steel

Aster and Steel

In December of 2014 I opened a contest to fellowship a person for the first module of Fundamentals of the Integral Course of Drawing and Painting. At the close of the competition, January 15, 2015 I received 9 proposals, all with very valid reasons to deserve this opportunity.

In order to make this decision so difficult, I have given value to every important aspect revealed by the work of the participants and their stories and of course the requirements with which I based the call.

To achieve this task I gave value to the ability, creativity, the need or impossibility to study and to give I like Jeannina Blanco Fine Art in Facebook, 10 points each, the interest in obtaining the scholarship I disaggregate it in the 5 Remaining requirements that I requested, with 2 points each, photos of works with description and dates, tell why they want to receive classes with me, why they deserve the scholarship, send image of the card and physical and electronic addresses. And finally, my interest is to share the gifts received so I gave a value of 5 points to humility in participation.

Although this procedure made it easier for me to get the score with the name of the winning person, I was full of their stories and work, I see so much potential in each of the participants that the heart does not allow me to be radical, so I am going to deliver a certificate Of a gift for a seminar to all the participants, in addition to the certificate of scholarship to the winner of this contest, on Tuesday, February 3 at the Park Inn Hotel during the exhibition of my students.

The winners of a Seminar on Tonal Values, Light and Color or Design and Composition are:

  • Braulio Pérez
  • Daniela Muñoz
  • Daniela Orozco
  • Jesse Stone
  • Karla Calderón
  • Laura Fernández
  • Laura Lépiz
  • Patricia Rojas

Thank you very much for participating, for telling me your stories and for trusting me during this process.

The winner of the Module I scholarship (the basics) lasting six months is:

Christian Monge de Aserrí.

For him my congratulations and best intentions to encourage his learning and guide him well in the way of art.

Felicides also for Karla Calderón, with much gratitude to spread the news of the scholarship, I will be delivering the work of my authorship “Aster and Steel” the night of the exhibition.

Many thanks to all my Facebook friends for helping me in this project, for their I like and their support always.

Artistic creation is an act of love. – Jeannina Blanco

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