A look from the photographic archives of the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain

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The exhibition “The workshop of the artist” includes ninety photographs that reflect various spaces for the creation of painters and sculptors, in a chronological arc from the last decade of the nineteenth century to the fifties of the twentieth century. They have been selected among the photographic archives preserved in the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain, especially the photographic archive Moreno which has an important and numerous fund dedicated to this subject.

Photos of studies and workshops can be considered authentic portraits of the artists who inhabit them, even when they are absent from photographic images. They constitute a special genre of portrait, in which both the public and professional dimension of a person as well as their most private and personal side are brought together.

The images of the exhibition Рwhether made by Mariano and Vicente Moreno as Ruiz Vernacci, Count of Polentinos, Cabré, Wunderlich or Pando Рunite their documentary value to the aesthetic. They reflect the technical mastery of its craftsmen in the domain of light and composition, together with a sensitivity capable of capturing the personality of the painter or sculptor in symbiosis with the interior of the studio or workshop in which he works.

The present photographic selection does not pretend to be an exhaustive representation of the different tendencies of Spanish art in the first half of the twentieth century, but it does allow us to guess the richness of its structure and the different realities that coexisted during those decades: from the most conservative art , Official and academic, to the most fresh and new visions, passing through a wide spectrum of individual trajectories in which the modern was intertwined with the heritage of classicism and Spanish painting of the golden age. Artists and works shown in their studios and workshops, through the chamber of outstanding masters of art photography in Spain.

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